Personal Customers

Asset Management

Personal customers on the Ibanera platform are individuals tasked with overseeing their assets independently. This group is equipped to manage a variety of crypto asset wallets and maintain a fiat balance via a top-up card. It is important to note that direct storage of fiat funds on the Ibanera platform is not possible for personal customers. Any fiat deposits into a personal customer's subledger account are primarily for the purpose of replenishing a top-up card balance or acquiring crypto assets.

Account Setup and Features

Upon successful completion of registration and KYC procedures, personal customers receive a dedicated subledger USD account. This account primarily serves the funding needs for a crypto asset wallet, with USDC being the default crypto asset linked to this account. The customer portal offers an intuitive interface for customers to track transactions related to this subledger. Additionally, it provides essential account details, enabling customers to facilitate bank transfers between their subledger and external bank accounts. The portal also allows for the management of a roster of trusted payees.

Trusted Payees and Crypto Wallets

Trusted payees are integral for receiving funds from asset exchanges that cannot be housed in the subledger account. When a payee is added via Plaid, customers can transfer funds from the payee account to bolster their subledger account. The creation of crypto wallets is contingent upon necessity, such as when depositing funds into the funding account. Customers have the visibility to monitor all transactions involving each of their crypto wallets and can transfer funds from these wallets to external crypto wallets outside the Ibanera ecosystem.

Top-Up Card Program

Enrollment in the Ibanera top-up card program entails the creation of a separate funding subledger account for each top-up card owned by the customer. Deposits into this account trigger a top-up process, whereby the deposited funds are transferred out of the funding account and added to the top-up card's balance. These cards are versatile, allowing purchases of goods and services beyond the Ibanera platform.

Customer Portal Services

The customer portal extends access to the OTC desk for buying and selling crypto assets and depositing crypto assets from external wallets into the Ibanera account. Furthermore, customers can acquire crypto assets directly through the portal using credit or debit cards. This process involves specifying the desired cryptocurrency and amount, followed by a card payment within an iframe. Successful payments initiate an asset exchange, converting the fiat funds from the card’s account into the chosen crypto asset.

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