Terminology is critical in understanding and using the Customer API effectively. This terminology page serves to define the key terms used throughout the API documentation and interaction:

  • Manager: This term refers to the individual or entity that holds a personal or business account within the banking platform and has been granted API access. Managers have the capability to oversee and manage other customer accounts through the API.

    • Example: John Doe, who operates a small business, is a manager on the banking platform and supervises his employees' financial transactions.

  • Manager Card: A top-up card associated with the manager's account is known as a manager card. It is a financial tool that the manager can use for various transactions.

    • Example: John Doe has a manager card that he uses to load funds for operational expenses.

  • Managee: A managee is a customer user that is created and overseen by a manager. This relationship allows for structured financial governance within an organization.

    • Example: Mary Jane, an employee at John Doe's business, is a managee with an account on the banking platform.

  • Managee Card: This is a top-up card linked to the managee's account on the banking platform. It can be used by the managee for authorized expenses or to receive payments from the manager.

    • Example: Each of John Doe's employees, including Mary Jane, has a managee card for business-related expenditures.

When the terms customer or user are mentioned without the manager-managee context, they generally refer to any account holder who is accessing or interacting with the API.

These terms create a framework for understanding the hierarchical structure and roles within the Customer API, simplifying the interaction with the banking platform's various features and services.

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