Cryptocurrency Transferred

The Cryptocurrency Transferred callback is typically sent within 1-60 minutes from the time that a customer makes a card payment. This callback is triggered when the crypto currency purchase and transfer is completed, which finalizes a transaction.

Callback Example

    "OrderID": "662d7681909539441bf6b1ee",
    "status": "COMPLETED",
    "client": {
        "UserReference": "joe-test-00001x",
        "email": ""
    "fiat": {
        "amount": 40.95,
        "currency": "USD",
        "PaymentCardLast4Digits": "0007"
    "crypto": {
        "asset": "dUSD",
        "amount": 35.95,
        "txHash": "4f3b365adb....."
    "DateCreated": "2024-04-27T22:04:49.423Z",
    "DateCaptured": "2024-04-28T02:15:20.977Z",
    "DateTransfered": "2024-04-28T02:17:53.152Z"

Callback Header

ParameterExample Value



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