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The /quickbuy/v1/create endpoint is designed for merchants using QuickBuy Pro to initiate the payment process. When a payment order is created, it is accessible via the PaymentURL provided in the API response. This URL serves as a direct link for clients to process their payments.

Payments have a limited active period, which can be customized per order using the timeoutMin parameter. If this parameter is not specified, the payment will default to the merchant's predetermined timeout settings.

  • Endpoint: /quickbuy/v1/create

  • Method: POST

  • Content-Type: application/json

Request Body Parameters

  • client (Object): Contains client related data

    • reference (String, min 15 chars, max 75 chars, Optional): Customer reference field for a merchant to set. This enables a merchant to quickly associate a CustomerReference with their own database

    • first (String, min 2 chars, max 100 chars, Optional): Client first name

    • last (String, min 2 chars, max 100 chars, Optional): Client last name

    • email (String, Optional): Client email

    • phone (String, Optional): Client phone number

  • payment (Object): Contains payment configuration

    • amount (Number, Required): The amount of the payment

    • currency (String, ISO 4217, Required): The currency for the payment. (ONLY USD AVAILABLE)

    • timeoutMin (Number, min 1, max 10080, optional): The number of minutes that a payment is active for. Minimum of 1 minute, maximum of 10,080 minutes (1 week). If no value is provided, this timeout value will default to the merchant default value.

  • redirectURL (string, optional): URL of the webpage to be redirected to, 5 seconds after a card is processed. The URL must use HTTPS.

Request Body Example

    "client": {
        "reference": "john-doe-1234-user" 
    "payment": {
        "amount": 102.96,
        "currency": "USD",
        "timeoutMin": 1440 // 1 day
    "redirectURL": ""


    "success": true,
    "details": {
        "id": "66251f21c12e178b83c2a3be",
        "UserReference": "john-doe-1234-user",
        "Amount": 102.96,
        "Currency": "USD",
        "PaymentURL": "",
        "ExpireDateUTC": "2024-04-22T14:13:53.739Z",
        "ExpireMinutesFromNow": 1440

Once you've received a successful response, indicated by "success": true you can host the PaymentURL.

Response Error Example (400 Bad Request)

    "error": "payment.amount is a required field"

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