Webhook callbacks can be enabled for customers to receive updated on accounts, transactions and exchanges as they happen. To do so please contact the support team and provide a callback URL you with to use for it. You will be provided with a hash secret for authenticating callbacks.

Callback requests have the following properties:

  • Content type is of type application/json.

  • It will contain webhook-signature header. It is generated by using a SHA256 hashing algorithm on a concatenated string of requestBody + hashSecret. Use the hash secret provided to you to verify the authenticity of the request before processing it.

  • It's content will contain a JSON object with following fields:

    • Id - GUID for the request.

    • Type–Callback type code indicating what type of event has occurred.

    • Data (object): containing details about the event. Details depend on the event type.

  • A 200 HTTP response code is expected. If a different response is returned, the request will be retried with exponential backoff for 2 hours.

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