API Principal Account


The Ibanera platform categorizes certain personal or business customers as Customer API Principal users. These users are distinguished by additional privileges that grant them access to the customer management API. This specialized API is a tool for Customer API Principal users to create and administer additional customer users, often referred to as managed customers or managees.

Eligibility and Access Process

To qualify as a Customer API Principal user, a personal or business customer must first complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) or KYB (Know Your Business) verification process. Following this, they can reach out to the Ibanera support team to apply for an elevation to Customer API Principal status.

Functionality of the Customer Management API

The primary function of the customer management API is to offer a streamlined and scalable solution for organizations to effectively handle accounts, cards, and funds distribution among their members, such as employees within a business. As of now, the management of these features is facilitated exclusively through the API, as there is no user interface available for customer management. The API is designed as a collection of RESTful endpoints, secured through bearer token authentication.

API Credentials and Security

Upon gaining API access, a user is provided with specific API credentials, which include:

  • Username

  • Password

  • Shared Secret

The Shared Secret plays a crucial role in the security infrastructure of the account. It is utilized to generate two-factor authentication codes, a mandatory requirement for API interactions. This additional layer of security is instrumental in safeguarding the account holder's information and operations within the API.

Refer to our guide on Generating a Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) with a Shared Secret.

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