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Getting Started: Get Balances

This endpoint allows customers to quickly obtain real-time information about the current state of their accounts, including the available balance and any pending transactions that might affect this balance.

This API endpoint is a GET request, which makes it a great endpoint for inital testing as it's configuration is relatively simple and straightforward. Remember to configure your request's header with both Authorization and otp fields.

Get Account Balances

Fetches a list of the user’s asset accounts along with the current balances, including total, available, and pending balances. This endpoint is essential for users to obtain a clear overview of their financial status within the system.

  • Endpoint: /api/v1/customer/accounts/balances

  • Method: GET

Query Parameters:

  • pageNumber (Integer, Optional): The page of results to return.

  • pageSize (Integer, Optional): The maximum number of results to return.

If pageNumber and pageSize are not supplied, then an unpaginated list will be returned.

Request Example:

To request the first page with ten results:

GET /api/v1/customer/accounts/balances?pageNumber=1&pageSize=10

Response Body Parameters:

  • id (Integer): Not used in the example.

  • details (Array of Objects): Each object contains the details of an asset account balance.

    • id (Integer): The ID of the asset account.

    • asset (String): The type of asset the account holds.

    • totalBalance (Decimal): The total balance in the account.

    • availableBalance (Decimal): The available balance that is ready for use.

    • pendingBalance (Decimal): The balance that is currently in pending transactions and not yet cleared.

    • bSuppressed (Boolean): Indicates whether the use of this account is currently disabled.

Success Response Example:

  "id": 0,
  "details": [
      "id": 1000,
      "asset": "USDC",
      "totalBalance": 100.00,
      "availableBalance": 98.00,
      "pendingBalance": 2.00,
      "bSuppressed": false
  "pageSize": 10,
  "pageNumber": 1,
  "status": "1",
  "errors": []

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