Exchange Status Updated


When this event occurs, the provided callback URL will receive a JSON-formatted message with the above details. If the application successfully receives the webhook, it should respond with a 200 HTTP status code; otherwise, the banking platform will retry sending the message for a certain period.

For developers, it's important to manage these callbacks properly, including validating the received messages using the provided secret, to ensure proper synchronization between the banking platform and the application.

Possible exchange status values:

  • WaitingForApproval

  • Rejected

  • WaitingForConfirmation

  • AwaitingRfi

  • Pending

  • Completed

  • Failed

Callback Request Parameters

  • Id is the unique identifier for the exchange transaction.

  • ExchangeType represents whether the exchange is a buy or sell transaction. (Buy, Sell)

  • Status indicates the current status of the exchange (e.g., Pending, Completed, Failed).

  • FromTransactionsId and ToTransactionsId are identifiers for the respective transactions involved in the exchange.

  • ManageesId is the identifier for the individual or entity on whose behalf the exchange is being conducted.

  • AssetPair is a string represents the currency pair being exchanged.

  • RequestAmount and RequestPrice refer to the amount and price requested for the exchange.

  • ExecutedAmount and ExecutedPrice are the actual executed amount and price after the exchange is completed.

  • CommissionFee is any applicable fee for conducting the exchange.

  • PayeesId represents the payee's Id.

  • TransferType - Transfer type if payees Id is not null

  • bHasOpenRfi is a flag indicating if request for information is pending to be submitted

  • FromCustomerAssetAccountId and ToCustomerAssetAccountId are account identifiers involved in the exchange.

Callback Example

    "Id": "f9b5e465-69b5-4c6d-91c2-fb4dd64d4d20", 
    "Data": {
        "Id": 11669,
        "ExchangeType": 0,
        "Status": "Completed", 
        "FromTransactionsId": 13471, 
        "ToTransactionsId": 13473, 
        "ManageesId": 1436,
        "AssetPair": "USDC/USD", 
        "RequestAmount": 24.75, 
        "RequestPrice": 25, 
        "ExecutedAmount": 24.75, 
        "ExecutedPrice": null, 
        "CommissionFee": 0.12,
        "PayeesId": null,
        "TransferType": null, 
        "bHasOpenRfi": true, 
        "FromCustomerAssetAccountId": 1184,

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